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Why SEO is necessary ?

SEO has been widely accepted as a necessary component of a successful business for quite some time now. If you haven’t gotten on board, it’s time to give that bottom line a boost. A great website is a powerful combination of quality content, appropriate web design, ample SEO efforts, and marketing. The structure of your website is essentially how your audience gets around. There is always a peculiar way for the information to flow on a website. This path is taken by every visitor to reach their destination i.e. the information they are looking for. Every web designer must keep the fact in mind that if the site visitors are having a hard time going around the website or reaching their point of destination, the site’s traffic will always be affected.

SEO has become widely adopted as an online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness. As a general rule, pages should be no deeper than 4 clicks from the homepage. This will help your site’s SEO by allowing search engines and users to find content in as few clicks as possible. Make sure the navigation isn’t complex for the user nor confusing for search engines.

Advantages of Using SEO

While the benefits of SEO are vast, here are the top 6:-

Multiple Device Friendly

Better User Experience

Google’s Algorithm

Increased site usability

Cost Effective

Increased Traffic

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